Golf Articles

Henrik Stenson Strips»

What does it take to overshadow Tiger woods at a major PGA event? Henrik Stenson learned how, and all it took was him having to strip down to his underware and a golf glove. Yep, you heard that right. In an effort to save a stroke from a off drive that landed in the muddy […]

Learn from Missed Putts»

You may think that just saying pay more attention to your last putt would be common sense, but most people do not really analyze that last stroke. If you can not be Tiger Woods and sink that 25 footer against the wind, the first thing is to not get frustrated. From a chip onto the […]

Improve your golf grip with computerized glove»

With all of the different courses, training equipment, and gear needed for golf, it’s sometimes hard to really know if you are truly doing the right thing. Without having an instructor there with you, how do you know when your grip is wrong? Here’s a great new golf glove from SensoGlove that tries to make […]

Golf Shoes Online»

If you’re anything like me, I am guilty of not wearing the right shoes for the occasion. I’m your typical Floridian that wears flip flops whenever I don’t have to be formal. However golf is one of those occasions where you need the right footwear to be your best. Most people don’t realize it, but […]