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By • Mar 7th, 2008 • Category: Beginner

New Golf ShoesIf you’re anything like me, I am guilty of not wearing the right shoes for the occasion. I’m your typical Floridian that wears flip flops whenever I don’t have to be formal. However golf is one of those occasions where you need the right footwear to be your best. Most people don’t realize it, but when you’re chasing your ball,

you will walk an average of 4 miles!

It’s important that you choose the right soles that are comfortable. You may even want to get a pair that are just a little bigger than your normal pair (depending on fit). You are going to be on your feet for awhile… walking. So making sure your feet are comfortable should be a priority.

Another must is that your golf shoes should have spikes. Once you play a game in wet weather, or very early in the morning with due covering the ground, you will never wear a pair of shoes without spikes. Also, spikes provide a much firmer hold than pebble-soled or ribbed shoes.

Don’t forget about the wet weather.

If you’re one of those brave golfers that don’t mind a bit of wet weather… and the fact that you’re holding a lightening rod out on the course, you may want to invest in some rain boots. I didn’t even know that they do make boots for golf. But sure enough, there are rain boots with spikes and a drawstring to keep the rain out of them.

So treat the things that allow you to chase that ball for 4 miles well.

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