Golf beginner good score

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Golf Beginner Good ScoreWhat’s a good golf score for a beginner? That really depends on a few factors. Most importantly, what one person considers good, may be be horrible in another persons eyes. Rather than focusing on what you think is a good score, I would recommend that you use an online tracker for your golf stats.

There are many free golf stats programs that keep track of your golf scores… most of which go unused my the majority of beginning golfers!

The 2 popular ones are and With these programs, it’s possible to track your total handicap, display graphs from your last few rounds including score, fairway hits, putts, and regulation greens. You can also track your progress to see how much you have improved as well as what areas you need to focus your concentration on.

Its very important to be aware of your stats as being unaware of what needs work will not improve your game. With these 2 programs, it will be like having your very own personal tutor observing your game, and pointing out weaknesses in your game. Take the advice seriously, and you should see an improvement in your golf score in no time.
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  1. Golf GPS Units are about more than knowing distances. Depending on the model used, some will offer an overview map of each hole, which allows you to preview probable trouble spots that you differently might only have known about after playing the hole and having discovered them the hard way. Knowing this info gives you the ability to decide on your tactic before you tee off. Some golf GPS units even include satellite imagery of every hole. So, along with giving close distances, good GPS devices can help you with strategy and course administration

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