Tiger woods out for entire season

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  1. I live in Michigan and was looking forward to seeing tiger play in 2 events this year and 1 clinic at Comerica Park (PGA championship, Oakland hills, Buick open at Warwick hills and his clinic at Comerica Park 2 days before Buick Open.) I am probably one of the biggest Tiger Fans out there, however, my opinion of him is changing very quickly. I have spent over 3 thousand dollars in tickets to these upcoming events in hopes of seeing tiger play live. I can understand that his health is first and foremost in his life and his career. This fact alone is why I am a huge fan. However, I do not appreciate the corporate and media games that he plays with his fans and the PGA for that matter. The Buick Open is not a popular event, only hosting 3 or 4 of the top 25 players in the world. However with the appearance of Tiger playing in the Buick ,makes your money well spent. Well, at least that’s what I thought. He has once again tricked me to buying these tickets in hope of seeing him play. Last year, the same thing happened with the announcement of his newborn child, which is understandable. However, He was well aware of the do-date of his child, considering she was induced a day after the U.S open. What I am upset about is that he continue to claim that we was going to play in the Buick Open allowing everyone to continue to purchase tickets in hopes of seeing him. Once again he has done it this year. I totally understand commitment to your family and more importantly your own health, but come on enough is enough with this last minute BULL&^%*. He does it on purpose so that people commit themselves to these tournments, spend a ton of money and more than likely take the time of work. I am a golf fan in general and purchasing PGA championship Tickets is still worthwhile but the Buick Open and the Clinic is not worth losing my money. Lets, think this over for a minute, your telling me that the best Knee surgeon’s in the world and Tiger didn’t know if he needed this surgery before he announced this year ending procedure. I doubt it, they knew and they waited so that USGA can profit from the illegit appearances of Tiger Woods. I am fed up with this and it will be a long time before a make a commitment to watch tiger play. Just wondering if anyone else feels this way. I guess the main point of this blog is that I hope Tiger will reveal his true plans well in advance instead of being this appropriate corporate machine who is commitment to everyone except his fans.

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  4. Tiger Woods is a very good golfer but his reputation as a cheating husband made him a bad character.”,

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